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Stan Povelikin

Litigation Graphics Consultant,
Graphic Designer, Signmaker,
Creative Thinker

  • 1971-2001

    Before SPDesign

    I was born in Nizhny Novgorod (former Gorky), USSR.   I graduated Gorky State University where I studied Radio-physics and Electronics, but spent more time entertaining classmates with cartoons, writing poems and doing illustrations for college and city newspapers. After graduating, I started a small business making handmade signs and doing graphic design. I developed a network of clients for signage, illustration and graphic design in my home town Nizhny Novgorod. While running the signage/design business, I earned a degree in Law at Law Institute of Saint Petersburg.


  • 2001 - 2003

    SPDesign starts as a Design Studio and Sign Shop

    In 2001 I moved to the US where I took classes in Advertising, Graphic Design, Package Design, Print Process, and Typography at School of Visual Arts, and again started a business and developed a network of clients for signs and graphic design. I called my new business SPDesign where SP standed for first letters of my name. I purchased sign making equipment and provided signage and lettering services to local shops and businesses in New York City. Many businesses in New York City still have signs and decals made by me more then 10 years ago and still looking brand new.

  • 2004 - Present

    Design for Science and Academia

    In 2004 I started combining my background in science with my creative skills, designing materials for Hunter College, City University of New York, and later for other academic institutions such as New York University School of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College, Fordham University. I created visual identity, print and web promotional materials for international science symposiums and conferences, as well as other designs for centers and programs within the academic institutions.

  • 2006 - Present

    Litigation Graphics Design

    In 2006 my foreign legal education in combination with science degree and creative skills became very handy when I started working in litigation graphics field creating animated patent drawings, animated cartoons, technical and medical illustrations, PowerPoint presentations to clarify complex legal, technical, financial, and medical issues for jurors and judges in multi-billion dollar legal trials of major US corporations. I have done project-based assignments for multiple litigation graphics companies providing graphics support during busy trials. I have worked directly with litigation attorneys helping with trial graphics remotely and on-site in New York City. I traveled to out-of-town locations across US to provide graphics support to attorneys in war rooms set up at hotels and law offices.

  • Present

    All of Above and More Things Creative

    At the same time I continue providing graphic design and signage services. My other design projects have included work for EDC’s Center for Children & Technology designing educational materials for teachers to support preschool learning in literacy and mathematics. Along with the work for law firms, academic and educational institutions, I do signage and design work for many other clients from different fields, from art exhibits, to personalized stationary shops, to jewelry business, to vendors of all kinds. I also do hand drawing as a hobby and I use any chance to apply my drawing and art skills whenever my freelance job calls for it. Feel free to contact me with any of your creative needs. I am looking forward to helping you to design your story of success.

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